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Japan Algae Timeline
Tokai Sangyo Co., Ltd. is established.
A patent application is filed for the company's organic germanium manufacturing process.


Tokai Sangyo Co., Ltd. obtains a patent for the manufacture of organic germanium for industrial use.


Research on spirulina begins.


A patent is granted for the company's battery enhancer formula.


The Mitama plant is established in Yamanashi Prefecture .
The Kojiya plant is established in Tokyo .


To expand operations, the Mitama plant in Yamanashi is relocated in Tatomi-town, Yamanashi Prefecture, and Tatomi Plant No. 1 is constructed.

As a result of the company's own R&D, Tokai Sangyo Co., Ltd. succeeds in extracting natural coloring agents contained in spirulina and in manufacturing them as its own products, Spirulina Blue and Spirulina Yellow.

This business obtains approval in Tokyo under the Law Concerning the Promotion of Creative Business Activities of SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises).

Patents for Spirulina Blue and Spirulina Yellow are pending.


The research lab is relocated from Kojiya to Yokohama to promote new business involving coloring agents. A new plant is also established in Yokohama and full production of natural coloring agents commences.

A company office is established in Shanghai , China .


Test pilots at the spirulina cultivation plant are in progress.

Tatomi Plant No. 2 is established to increase production of organic germanium.


Tokai Sangyo's deep sea water tank for spirulina cultivation in Kumejima, Okinawa is completed.

Deep sea water spirulina gAnti-aging Algaeh goes on sale.

Tatomi Plant No. 1 (Spirulina Production Sector) and Tatomi Plant No. 2 (Germanium Production Sector) in Yamanashi Prefecture are integrated. A new plant is constructed in Yamanashi and commences operations in November.

In preparation for entry into overseas markets, the name of the company changes from Tokai Sangyo Co., Ltd. to Japan Algae Co., Ltd.


Plans are made to relocate the Yokohama coloring agent plant to Yamanashi Prefecture to increase production of coloring agents.

Plans are made to commence business with Europe and the United States

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