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Company Data
Paid in Capital:
20 million yen
Tadashi Hara
No. of Staff:
50 personnel
Trading Bank:
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Meguro-Ekimae Branch
Annual Turnover:
700 million yen (year to May 2003)
Starting in 1980, Japan Algae has grown into a respected international distributor selling in Taiwan, Korea and the United States.

To see the historical development of the company from its inception, view this TIMELINE detailing the history of Japan Algae's amazing growth.
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Company Profile
In the rapidly advancing field of chemical technology, biotechnology is an area that holds significant, untapped possibilities for the future. Japan Algae Co., Ltd. was established with biotechnology at its foundation and has grown steadily as a venture company with two mainstay areas, organic germanium, for which our company holds manufacturing patents, and spirulina, an algae food source attracting worldwide attention for its rich nutrients.

As a specialist producer of spirulina, we aim to provide our customers with high quality products at low prices. Producing and distributing our products at our own plant, our company currently holds the leading position in spirulina sales in Japan. In addition to spirulina health food products, Japan Algae also produces blue food coloring derived from spirulina. In 2001, using our own groundbreaking technology, we succeeded in extracting blue pigment from spirulina and in 2002, we established our position as the leading manufacturer of spirulina blue coloring in both quality and volume.

In 2003, we turned our attention to the development of the use of deep sea water in Kumejima, Okinawa where, in recognition of our achievements in spirulina to date, we obtained approval to make use of the deep sea water. After long years of research, we succeeded in cultivating spirulina using 100% deep sea water.

Since the manufacture of water soluble synthetic germanium became possible in 1967, germanium has become an essential element in health maintenance and the treatment of illnesses. Often described as gthe miracle elementh, it is used widely in anti-cancer drugs and investigational agents. Holding patents for the manufacture of organic germanium, our company manufactures and sells it as health food products and bath products that are easy for people to use. Germanium is also used widely for industrial purposes in high grade chemical products, such as as an enhancer for batteries.

"We are a human-centered company producing both health and beauty."

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