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Deep Ocean Water Research

Female prawn cultivation.
Studies on the cultivation of the female prawn.
In prawn cultivation, management is conducted by using the female prawn for seeding or by purchasing seeds from outside of the company.

But because of resource depletion and the pollution from viruses, it's becoming difficult, year after year, to secure a healthy female prawn.

We are developing the technologies of female prawn cultivation making the best use of low water temperatures and the cleanliness of deep ocean water, furthermore we are also studying the technologies used for the mass production of a healthy female prawn for spawning.

Results of Ezo Abalone and Red Sea Urchin cultivation.
Studies on the cultivation of Ezo Abalone and Red Sea Urchin using deep ocean water.
Due to the high water temperature of the local coastal waters, it is difficult to cultivate the high market priced Ezo Abalone and Red Sea Urchins.

However by applying the low water temperatures of deep ocean water, it is expected that cultivation will become possible. Also better growth and high yields are being obtained by breeding at the appropriate temperatures throughout the year.

In our laboratories, consistent breeding from the initial seeding production (to final product size) is being conducted, as well as further studies on cultivation.

Sea weed cultivation.
Studies on the cultivation of sea weed using deep ocean water.
The appropriate growing temperatures of sea weed is about 18-20°C. Nemacystus Decipiens withers at a high water temperature in Summer.

We are conducting studies throughout the year's cultivation period using the low water temperature of deep ocean water for the purpose of obtaining a stable supply of parent plant sea weed.

We are conducting studies on component variations using foreign made Gracilariales and Caulerpa Lentillifera. We are also establishing technologies for mass cultivation using the highly nutritious properties of deep ocean water.

Soil cultivation: Year-round stable production of Spinach and Lettuce.
Studies on the usage of deep ocean water towards the development of new technology to avoid damage from high temperatures.
Since the appropriate growth temperature of almost all the temperate zone plants is less than 25°C, cultivation is difficult in the summer in central Japan.

We are aiming towards the establishment of technology for year-round stable production by circulating cold water (water at 12°C, heat exchanged by deep ocean water) in pipes layed under ground, cooling only the root areas of the plant.

And we are also pursuing income increases of farmers by establishing new types of agriculture that combines the cultivation of highly profitable plants in the winter and the spring with those in the summer.

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