Kumejima Enzyme

What is Kumejima Enzyme

It is a fermented food made by fermenting Okinawa's pesticide-free vegetables, fruits, wild grass with only rare sugar-containing syrup. There are various types of enzyme products such as "Kumejima Enzyme Drink", which is fermented liquid filled in bottle, "Spirulina Kumejima Enzyme", which is a mixture of dried enzyme powder and spirulina, and "Strained Lees of Kumejima Enzyme" after squeezing the fermented liquid.

Production of Kumejima Enzyme

It is manufactured at our factory dedicated to enzymes in Kumejima, Okinawa. After washing the raw ingredients (vegetables, wildflowers and fruits), we added rare sugar syrup and soak the ingredients. Once it is fermented, we filter the liquid, fill in bottles, and ship it from the Yamanashi plant.
Production of Kumejima Enzyme

Features of Kumejima Enzyme Drink

  • Strong fermenting power as 80 kinds of raw materials are fermented raw
    Other general enzyme drinks are made from dried materials, but Kumejima Enzyme is characterized by fermenting raw materials as they are. Strong yeast becomes a powerful fermented extract because it is alive.
  • Ferment only using rare sugar syrup
    Rare sugar syrup is a new sweetener containing rare sugar that is expected to prevent overweight. It has been confirmed that this syrup has a positive effect on body fat by long-term consumption. No sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar and honey are used.
  • Fermented with SGF of Spirulina extract
    By using SGF in fermentation which is the source of Spirulina’s vitality, a stronger enzyme drink was created. This SGF has a power to activate good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria.
  • No additives, preservatives, or coloring
    It is a waste of enzyme when it contains additives, even if you take it for health. Kumejima Enzyme Drink is 100% undiluted solution. No additives, preservatives or colorings are used.

Yeast is alive

Kumejima Enzyme Drink is sterilized by heating at about 90-92 °C for 1 to 2 minutes according to the Food Sanitation Law, but some of them are heat-resistant enzymes which do not die even at 100 °C or higher. Approximately 8.8 million yeasts can be confirmed per 1 ml in Kumejima Enzyme Drink after heating and filling.

Yeast in Kumejima Enzyme Drink
Yeast in Kumejima Enzyme Drink
Yeast in the enzyme drink of O company
Yeast in the enzyme drink of N company
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