Natural pigment

Spirulina blue pigment: Spi-Blue

Spirulina blue pigment is a water-soluble natural pigment extracted from spirulina, a blue-green algae. Phycocyanin, the main component of the blue pigment, is a protein-binding pigment and its aqueous solution has a vivid blue color. It is a food additive (natural pigment), which often used as a coloring agent for soda ice cream and popsicles.

Phycocyanin is one of the photosynthetic pigments of cyanobacteria, and it is contained in many blue-green algae.
Structurally, it is a pigment in which phycocyanobilin and a plant protein are covalently bonded, and shows properties similar to proteins.
Phycocyanin is similar to that contained in the bile in our human body.
It is sent to the duodenum with bile, oxidized during metabolism, returned to the intestinal wall, reacted with iron and turned into hemoglobin. These things and safety tests has proved that Spirulina blue pigment is safe as food.
Since there is a few blue pigments in nature, the Spirulina pigment exhibiting a brilliant blue color is highly evaluated as a valuable natural pigment.


Main applications

It is used as a natural coloring agent for ice creams, sugar coatings, gums, gummies, powdered juice, rice cakes, noodles, wasabi paste, frozen confectionery, jelly, capsules, and hard candies.

Physical properties of Spi-Blue

Production of Phycocyanin for reagent

We also manufacture Phycocyanin for reagent to use for photo sensor and cell labeling.
C-phycocyanin for reagent is a chromoprotein extracted from blue-green algae Spirulina, and its chromophore, phycocyanobilin, has a ring-opened tetrapyrrole structure. It is soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is blue and has red fluorescence.
Phycocyanin also forms a high aggregation in concentrated aqueous solution, and trimer or hexamer is the main constituent in dilute solution.


Photo sensor, Cell labeling, and Others


·Origin: Spirulina sp (Cyanobacterium spirulina)
·Maximum absorption wavelength: 618 nm
·Maximum fluorescence wavelength: 635 nm
·Isoelectric point: 4.3
·Molecular weight: about 110 thousands for trimer, about 220 thousands for hexamer.

Description of Spi-Blue


Ice cream, sugar coating, gum, gummy, powdered juice, bean paste, rice cake, noodles, wasabi, refreshing confectionery, jelly, capsule, candy etc.

Criteria for use

This product can not be used for the following foods.
1.kelp, meat, beans, wakame (excluding processed food) and shellfish (including whale meat), tea, seaweed laver

How to use

Please add 0.02% ~ 0.2% for each food. It is better to add after heating.

Precaution for use

Please close tightly after opening, avoid humidity, save in cool dark place.

Food additive display method

Spirulina pigment, Coloring (Spirulina blue)

Product List

Powder item

Product Name Color value Remarks
Spi-Blue D 60~65 Contain Dextrin
Spi-Blue D 180 180 and over Contain Dextrin
Spi-Blue Df 60~65 Contain Dextrin
Particle size 200 mesh or less
Ideal for directly compressed tablet products such as ramune
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