Organic Germanium

Organic Germanium

100% pure synthetic Organic Germanium
with patented production method.

powder type / tablet type

Organic Germanium
Name : Organic Germanium Ingredients : Organic Germanium

Every year, our Organic Germanium receives a confirmation of low volume new chemical substances from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of the Environment, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Our products have obtained manufacturing patent (Patent No. 1460559). Please beware of similar products.

List price Net weight
powder type 2g x 4 bottles JPY8,500 (base price) 8g (2g x 4 bottles)
powder type 10g x 1 bottle JPY10,000 (base price) 10g
powder type 10g x 5 bottles JPY30,000 (base price) 50g (10g x 5 bottles)
powder type 10g x 10 bottles JPY55,000 (base price) 100g (10g x 10 bottles)
tablet type JPY12,800 (base price) 19.2g (320mg x 60 tablets)
Powder type 0.3g,
Tablet type 1 tablet
Shipping fee : free (In the case of delivery outside Japan,
it is charged.)
Shelf life:
3 years

10g × 5 bottles, 10g × 10bottles are also available. Please contact us when ordering large quantities.

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