Deep ocean water culture Spirulina


For the first time in the world, Spirulina with 100% use of deep ocean water

120 tablets / 600 tablets / 1000 tablets

FUROUSOU(Deep ocean water culture Spirulina)

Deep Ocean Water
Good quality deep ocean water which is pumped up from 612 meters deep in Okinawa Kumejima. Because the sunlight does not reach, phytoplankton can not survive and nutrients are not consumed by plankton. So, it is rich in nutrients, low temperature and cleanness is superior to conventional drinking water overwhelmingly. In particular it is rich in minerals and contains magnesium and calcium (hardness) as much as 100 times that of normal drinking water.
Also, it has been reported in deep water research that biological growth is 4 to 5 times higher than usual.

Spirulina raised using only with deep ocean water on Kumejima "Furousou"
Culture in deep ocean water uses new deep water each time after harvesting Spirulina. It is because Spirulina does not grow even if reusing deep water once used. It is that Spirulina absorbs all nutrient of deep water. Surprisingly, spirulina cultivated by the deep ocean water of Kumejima has an algal body size as usual 3 to 5 times. And, especially the mineral shows a wonderful numerical value.

Name : Spirulina food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material

Specification components and content(per 100g)

Calorie 302~432kcal
Protein 56~72g
Fat 5.4~9.4g
Sugariness 4.5~11.1g
Sodium 97~1,551mg

An example of comparison of analysis values of conventional "Spirulina 100%" and deep ocean water cultured Spirulina "Furousou" (nutrients per100g )

Nutrient Standard cultured spirulina Deep ocean water culture Spirulina(FUROUSOU)
Phycocyanin 7878mg 11990mg
Chlorophyll a 1313mg 1771mg
Phosphorus 986mg 1730mg
Sodium 890mg 1551mg
Total carotenoid 498mg 638mg
Magnesium 340mg 603mg
Calcium 173mg 601mg
β- carotene 163mg 274mg
Dietary fiber 9g 16g

Foundation Japan Food Research Laboratories Analysis Test Results Table
The nutrient content of Spirulina varies slightly depending on the season, weather, sunshine time etc. during spirulina culture.

List priceNet weight
120 tabletsJPY1,300 (base price)200mg×120 tablets(24g)
600 tabletsJPY4,800 (base price)200mg×600 tablets(120g)
1000 tabletsJPY8,000 (base price)200mg×1,000 tablets(200g)
Recommended dosage per day : about20 tablets Shipping fee : free(In the case of delivery outside Japan, it is charged.) Shelf life: 3 years
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