Spirulina 100% series

PC Reinforced Spirulina

Phycocyanin (blue pigment) was extracted from Spirulina,
and blended 5% to ordinary culture spirulina.

1500 tablets

Spirulina containing product - PC Reinforced Spirulina
Ordinary cultured spirulina 95% + phycocyanin 5% blended

Phycocyanin contained only in Spirulina was extracted from Spirulina and added 5% to ordinary cultured spirulina. So, the characteristics possessed by phycocyanin is further strengthened.

Name : Spirulina food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material, Phycocyanin

Specification component and content(per 100g)

Calorie 260~390kcal
Protein 51.7~80g
Fat 6.7~8.3g
Sugariness 3.3~5g
Dietary fiber 6.7~10g
Sodium 433.3~650mg
Calcium 263.3~495mg
Iron 61.7~115mg
Potassium 1050~1800mg
Magnesium 200~383.3mg
Zinc 3.3~6.7mg
Copper 0.3~0.8mg
Manganese 1.5~8mg
Selenium 5~10μg
Cobalt 0~0ppm
Phosphorus 550~1400mg
Total chrome 0.5~3.3ppm
Iodine 0~1.7mg
β- carotene 80000~200000μg
Vitamin B1 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B2 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B6 0.7~1.3mg
Vitamin B12 183.3~400μg
Vitamin E 6.3~12mg
Niacin 11.7~20mg
Folic acid 133.3~300μg
Pantothenic acid 0.8~1.8mg
Biotin 20~45μg
Vitamin K1 1033.3~1933.3μg
Vitamin K2 16.7~133.3μg
Inositol 65~140mg
γ-linolenic acid 900~1833.3mg
Linoleic acid 833.3~1666.7mg
Total carotenoid 200~450mg
Phycocyanin 5500~13000mg
Chlorophyll a 600~1250mg
Nucleic acid(RNA) 2200~3500mg
Nucleic acid(DNA) 600~1000mg
List price Net weight
1500 tablets JPY1,960 (base price) 200mg×1500 tablets(300g)
Recommended dosage per day : about40 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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