Spirulina processed food

Spirulina GM
Bamboo Charcoal・Mulberry Leaves

To those of age whose body has started being out of shape. It is processed spirulina containing based with a good nutrition balance spirulina, bamboo charcoal, mulberry leaves, and organic germanium.

1000 tablets / 3600 tablets

Spirulina GMBamboo Charcoal
To those of age whose body has started being out of shape

Bamboo charcoal used Mousou bamboo in a safe area of Kagoshima, baked in a hot pot (1100 ~ 1200 ℃), activated carbon is used.
Mulberry leaves of organic JAS products from Shimane prefecture is used.
Organic germanium is manufactured at our plant.
These three ingredients are blended into Spirulina.

Name : Spirulina processed food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material, Bamboo charcoal powder, Mulberry leaves powder, Organic germanium
List price
1000 tablets JPY2,800 (base price) Spirulina GMBamboo Charcoal
3600 tablets JPY9,000 (base price) Spirulina GMBamboo Charcoal
Recommended dosage per day : about40 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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