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FUROUSOU(Deep ocean water culture Spirulina)20·40·60

It is Spirulina which blended 20% of spirulina which is cultivated in deep ocean water and 80% of spirulina cultivated with drinking water.
It is Spirulina which you can also ingest trace minerals contained in deep ocean water, which is a feature of Furousou, and it is kept at an affordable price. It is Spirulina which is recommended for those who want to take in commitment Spirulina at an affordable price.

Name : Spirulina food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material

Nutritional information indication (per 100g)

Calorie 335.9kcal
Protein 65.9g
Fat 7.5g
Carbohydrate 13.5
- Sugariness 4.7g
- Dietary fiber 8.8g
Sodium 519.2mg
(Salt equivalent amount) 1.3g

An example of comparison of analysis values of conventional "Spirulina 100%" and deep ocean water cultured Spirulina "Furousou" (nutrients per100g )

Nutrient Standard cultured spirulina Deep ocean water culture Spirulina(FUROUSOU)
Phycocyanin 7878mg 11990mg
Chlorophyll a 1313mg 1771mg
Phosphorus 986mg 1730mg
Sodium 890mg 1551mg
Total carotenoid 498mg 638mg
Magnesium 340mg 603mg
Calcium 173mg 601mg
β- carotene 163mg 274mg
Dietary fiber 9g 16g

Foundation Japan Food Research Laboratories Analysis Test Results Table
The nutrient content of Spirulina varies slightly depending on the season, weather, sunshine time etc. during spirulina culture.

List price Net weight
1000 tablets JPY1,600 (base price) 200mg×1000 tablets(200g)
Recommended dosage per day : about 35 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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