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Spirulina is one of the same blue-green algae as Suizenji Nori (seaweed), etc. and it is one of the oldest plants which was born on earth more than 3 billion years ago from now. It is breeding mainly in the subtropical areas such as in Africa, Central and South America, salt water lakes of high alkaline. "Spirulina" is a Latin word meaning "helix", it is said to have been named because it has a twisted shape. Since there are many kinds of nutrients included abundantly, it is a convenient food as a dietary supplement for modern people who tends to take unbalanced meals. As "ideal nutritional food", NASA is also developing it as a space food.

Spirulina has five major nutrients
Proteins, sugariness, fatty acids, and vitamins, and even minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc that tend to be deficient in everyday diet are abundantly contained. That is, it contains all 5 major nutrients. Furthermore, because digestion absorption is good, these ingredients are absorbed smoothly in the body.

Name : Spirulina food Ingredients : Spirulina raw material

Specification components and content(per 100g)

Calorie 260~390kcal
Protein 51.7~80g
Fat 6.7~8.3g
Sugariness 3.3~5g
Dietary fiber 6.7~10g
Sodium 433.3~650mg
Calcium 263.3~495mg
Iron 61.7~115mg
Potassium 1050~1800mg
Magnesium 200~383.3mg
Zinc 3.3~6.7mg
Copper 0.3~0.8mg
Manganese 1.5~8mg
Selenium 5~10μg
Cobalt 0~0ppm
Phosphorus 550~1400mg
Total chrome 0.5~3.3ppm
Iodine 0~1.7mg
β- carotene 80000~200000μg
Vitamin B1 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B2 2.2~4.8mg
Vitamin B6 0.7~1.3mg
Vitamin B12 183.3~400μg
Vitamin E 6.3~12mg
Niacin 11.7~20mg
Folic acid 133.3~300μg
Pantothenic acid 0.8~1.8mg
Biotin 20~45μg
Vitamin K1 1033.3~1933.3μg
Vitamin K2 16.7~133.3μg
Inositol 65~140mg
γ-linolenic acid 900~1833.3mg
Linoleic acid 833.3~1666.7mg
Total carotenoid 200~450mg
Phycocyanin 3000~9000mg
Chlorophyll a 600~1250mg
Nucleic acid(RNA) 2200~3500mg
Nucleic acid(DNA) 600~1000mg
List price Net weight
2400 tablets JPY1,960 (base price) 200mg×2400 tablets(480g) Spirulina
200 tablets JPY260 (base price) 200mg×200 tablets(40g) Spirulina
1500 tablets JPY1,480 (base price) 200mg×1500 tablets(300g) Spirulina
powder type 100g JPY1,000 (base price) 100g Spirulina
powder type 500g JPY1,960 (base price) 500g Spirulina

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Recommended dosage per day : about 40 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 3 years
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