Spirulina Processed food

Spirulina GM

For shiny everyday

1000 tablets / 3600 tablets

Spirulina GM Placenta・Gloss
Even aged skin can make it! Aging care from the inside

It is spirulina food ideal for aging care mixed of the basic type Spirulina with pig placenta, Vitamin C, organic germanium.

Name : Spirulina Processed food
Ingredients : Spirulina raw material, Pig placenta extract powder, Ascorbic acid, Organic germanium
List price
1000 tablets JPY2,800 (base price) Spirulina GM Placenta・Gloss
3600 tablets JPY9,000 (base price) Spirulina GM Placenta・Gloss
Recommended dosage per day : about40 tablets Shipping fee excluded Shelf life: 2 years
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